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Posted by TommyCooper - January 13th, 2011

It's official. GOP is no more...
maybe over time I will be back. But til then. This is goodbye.

Posted by TommyCooper - November 20th, 2010

I need to be ashamed right now.
If any of you were wondering why I didn't post a new update about Gears of Pooh, it was pretty much because there wasn't ANYTHING to update about. Here's the truth:
My notebook died with the whole GOP-base on it. The voices? Gone, the animations? Gone, the weapons? Gone, the characters? Gone..

Now I know what you're thinking, why didn't you just made a back-up? And you're right, why didn't I just made a back-up? But that's something you should've asked months ago. I did get however a new notebook for some reason, that my dad had lying around somewhere, and it's actually better. But that doesn't take away the fact that my other notebook is still broken.

GOP isn't gone, that's actually what I'm trying to say here, because I only need money to get it fixed, which I don't have at the moment but I'm hoping I will get it next month when I get my salary.
Then I can get it fixed and hopefully comfort you all with the fact that GOP will be back on it's feet.

In the meantime I can practice on some animations, character models, etc. etc. On this badboy right here, until I get enough money. I already bought a new mouse and I'm actually ready to go, not sure what to do exactly - because I don't have the script - but I'm just hoping that it will all turn out great.

(I'm getting a bit of a Nuke Dukem Forever feeling with the GOP-series)

Posted by TommyCooper - July 14th, 2010

And so my journey begins..

Posted by TommyCooper - July 2nd, 2010

Hello y'all,
I was so fucking pleased when I saw that so many people actually auditioned. I know I wouldn't. The problem is though, that even though I already posted a list with people that I will contact, I'm not really in the mood to do it right now.
There's a lot going on and I'm a total soccer fan. Especially right now, with 'Oranje' going through to the semi-finals and hopefully the finals (I'll keep my fingers crossed). I will get it done though in some time. Ever since I put down a deadline for the project I started being more careless about it and started concentrating on other stuff.

I don't know why, but something inside me makes me completely gay and slow when I put some final date down. I guess it's because I always had this craving to stress myself out for no apparent reason. Oh well, I got an E-mail from some Indian guy from a company called keyframeanimations.com, don't know what the fuck that means, probably not going to answer it. Like I usually do.


Posted by TommyCooper - May 20th, 2010

Though I'm not getting any hits on my posts I don't really care, I just want this to come out so if you even read it. You'll kinda know what's going on.

So a while back I had this insane idea (which I also had 2/3 years ago) of making a flash movie about Winnie the Pooh in a 'Gears of War' setting. I knew from the beginning that this project was gonna get hard. But I for one, am up for the challenge. After submitting a preview to the Portal (which you can find under latest flash submissions, really, if you do decide to watch it, then please rate it and maybe give me a few pointers for any change) I got help from KeithSandwich. I though that was pretty cool especially for me, being Dutch and all.

So we sent a few E-mails back and forth and he wrote me an awesome script. I pointed out, as I'm going to do now to you guys, that the movie will come in 3 acts. Act 1 is the overall introduction and will come in the portal before 2011, that's fo' sho. Anyway, I decided to change the deadline to April 2011, coincidenting with the release of Gears of War 3. It would make the last act alot more special and give me more time to work on my school work.

A few changes have been made in the script (I actually have to tell you that Keith, don't worry, you'll get an E-mail as soon as possible but I'm writing this now at 23:46 so I will send it tommora ;D). Though they are not significant to the red line in the story. Here's a short description (without giving away the end):

When the Hundred Acre Woods, home to thousands of animals, is being attacked by an alien race called 'the Locust', a team of cuddly animals decide to take it to another level. It's time to gear up and GO GET SUM!

Hope you all enjoyed this very brief update and I'll catch up with you later!
Here's a cool dutch word: ragkoe, use it!


Posted by TommyCooper - May 7th, 2010

So I've been working on a new project (Gears of Pooh, in short GOP or Gopje), It's what you can call an entire remake of Gears of Winnie (Made by NewGroundsLvLER, I was a part in the development). Well it's not exactly a remake, seeming that I've changed everything except for the protagonist: Winnie-the-Pooh.

I haven't really got a script but what I do have is a story (the idea came from KeithSandwich, all credits go to him): The Hundred Acre Woods is under attack by the Locust. Winnie and Eeyore need to find a way to save The Hundred Acre Woods, and Eeyore needs to find his tail.

I haven't really set up a deadline but what I'm hoping for is a release around the end of 2010 or the beginning of 2011. There's also a little preview (18 seconds) in the latest flash submissions folder.

: Here's a picture of Eeyore's face, which I'm working on, ENJOY!


Posted by TommyCooper - August 10th, 2009

If you play guitar, good job, if you don't, here's a few reasons why you should.

(btw: leave a fucking comment you bitch)
- You're cool when you play guitar
- You have a guitar
- You have a conversation subject
- You can learn shit and get compliments (even if you're butt ugly)
- It's a well known fact that guitarist (mostly) aren't douchebags
- C'mmon, who doesn't want to be like Jimi Hendrix, Slash, Joe Satriani, Al Di Meola, John Frusciante, Kurt Cobain, etc. etc.

If you're not persuaded then maybe this picture will persuade, and even if it doesn't, then you're probably a douchebag, why?


Posted by TommyCooper - August 9th, 2009

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Love it or hate it, I love it.